How to use Dynamic Text ?

You may want to display some text that is coming from a live source. For example, if your content can be displayed in a browser, a very simple solution is to use the Screen Capture media. See this article : Medias

Another simple solution is to use a TXT file, that is updated on a regular basis.
 Indeed, just drag-and-drop such a TXT file in Millumin, and Millumin will check every 2 seconds if this file was updated :

Lastly, if you need more control over the text displayed by Millumin, you can use an OSC message to update the text :

- open Inputs group in Millumin's library

- drag-and-drop a Text media in your project

- use the OSC message /myLayer/media/text to update the text

To try this out, feel free to test with this sketch for Processing software :


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