Millumin comes with numerous features to manage audio.

Audio Volume

This is the simpliest parameter to manage audio, but probably the most useful.
 Millumin supports various media that produce audio. Of course movies. But also audio inputs such as microphone, Blackmagic capture cards, NDI streams or even the built-in browser.

All these media have an audio-volume parameter available in the properties-view :

 While this parameter controls the volume per media, you can also control the audio-volume of the project via the audio master.
 Open the Monitor from the Window menubar to do so :

5.1 or 7.1 Audio Files

By default, Millumin outputs audio to the interface selected in macOS System Preferences :

If your audio interface is capable to output to 6 channels (5.1) or 8 channels (7.1), the channel mapping will be automatic. In brief, your 5.1 or 7.1 files will be played fine (just as in Quicktime).
 You can try with these audio samples :

πŸ”— 5.1_sample.aiff

πŸ”— 7.1_sample.wav

Audio Routing

In some situation, you would need to mix each channel of your file to a specific audio interface.
 If so, click the audio routing button in properties-view (or press CMD+U) :

In this window, the most important option is the device one : this allows you to choose the destination for the audio. Thus, with audio-routing, you can use different audio interfaces in your project.

Then, use the matrix to mix each channel of your file the matrix (rows) with the channels of your interface (columns).

If you need to use the same settings for several files, be sure to create a layout to save and re-use these same settings :

Of course, changing the matrix of a layout will change it for all media related to this layout.