Please find here a list of the keyboard shortcuts for Millumin.
 Keep in mind that you can see most of theses shortcuts from the menubar :


⌘ C      copy

⌘ V      paste

⌘ X      cut

⌘ D      duplicate

⌘ A      select all

⌘ ⌫ or       delete

⌘ Z      undo

⌘ ⇧ Z      redo

⌘ N      new project

⌘ O      open a project

⌘ S      save a project

⌘ I      import media files


SPACE      launch next column

⌥ SPACE      launch previous column

⌘ E      edit board

⌘ ← edit previous column (when editing a column)

⌘ →      edit next column (when editing a column)

⌘ L      add an element (layer or light)

⌘ ⌥ F      fit content into workspace

⌘ ⇧ D      show controls in output

V      select the move-tool

M      select the map-tool

⌥ + CLICK       alt-click to launch a media in edit-board mode

⌥ + CLICK       alt-click then drag a media to duplicate it


SPACE      play or stop timeline

⌘ ⇧ X      split the selected media

⌥ + DRAG       alt-drag to change movie's start-time

⌘ ←      move time backwards (finer when timeline is zoomed)

⌘ →      move time forwards (finer when timeline is zoomed)

⌘ ⇧ ←      go to previous keyframe

⌘ ⇧ →      go to next keyframe

⌘ +      zoom in

⌘ -      zoom out

DOUBLE-CLICK      double-click a media to select its keyframes

DOUBLE-CLICK      double-click a segment to select its media and keyframes

⌥ + CLICK       alt-click a keyframe to change its easing

⌘ W      close the timeline


⌘ F      to toggle fullscreen

⌘ ;      show Output popup

⌘ J      show Slice Editor popup

⌘ K      show Device popup

⌘ M      show Interactions popup

⌘ U      show Audio Routing popup

⌘ ,      show Preferences popup

⌘ ?      show Help Center in browser


Use arrows to move a layer, a corner, a mask-point, ...

Maintain to make bigger move with arrows

Maintain to snap a layer, a corner, a keyframe, ...

Maintain to select multiple items

Maintain while dragging media to replace one

Maintain and click a mask-point to convert it to bezier

Maintain and click a keyframe to change its easing

Use ENTER to close a mask

Use TAB to cycle around corners

DOUBLE-CLICK a corner to edit its value

DOUBLE-CLICK a label (such as opacity or scale) to reset it

Create your own shortcuts

You can add your own shortcuts by setting them in System Preferences. See this tutorial.

Note that such shortcuts apply to menubar, as well as other controls in Millumin (for example : the "blending mode" control list).