Millumin comes with some addons that extend its capabilities.
 Such addons can be activated on demand in Millumin Preferences (shortcut is CMD+,) :

Please note that some will require a restart of Millumin.
 Also, some plugins will ask you to enter your administrator password, in order to copy the files at the right location.


This addon supports various gamepads such as the Nintendo Joycon or the Playstation 4 DualShock 4.
 This addon an be configured in the device-panel (shortcut CMD+K) and produce interaction inputs (see interactions-panel with CMD+M).

Kinect 2

This addon supports the Kinect 2 of the Xbox One.
 This addon an be configured in the device-panel (shortcut CMD+K). It produce interaction inputs (see interactions-panel with CMD+M) by detecting people skeleton, but it also show the Kinect 2 camera (see inputs in library).


This addons supports ILDA lasers.
 More info in this article : Laser

After Effects

Activate this addon to get After Effects output in Millumin (in realtime).


While there is no addon to activate it, you can get the image from Photoshop documents.

First of all, you need Photoshop CC2015 (or newer), and you must activate the remote connection in Photoshop Preferences as well as enter a password :

Once done, restart Photoshop.
 Then in Millumin, Photoshop will appear as a media in the library :

You need to type the password in the media's properties to connect to the Photoshop server :

For info, you can use the plugin over the network. Both computers must be connected to the same network obviously.

Usage and limitations :

  • Works only with CC2015 (or newer).
  • The image will be updated once you release the tool you are using.
  • In alpha mode all layers are rendered. Even if they are hidden in Photoshop.
  • In alpha mode, the image is resized to the minimum bounding box of your image. So you will need to add a pixel in each corner to receive the image at the right resolution.
  • If you work with multiple files in Photoshop, you need to put them on
     screen so Millumin will receive the image and update the menu.

Cinema 4D

Activate this addon to get Cinema 4D output in Millumin (in realtime).


Activate this addon to get Unity output in Millumin (in realtime).