Free Applications

Over the years, we have been developing some applications outside Millumin. Other developers also created nice utilities.
 We hope this ones may be useful for you :


We created this application for surtitles in theater and opera.
 More info on the dedicated website :


We created this application to generate a LTC signal (audio) or a MTC signal (MIDI).
 It can be used directly with Millumin or another software.

Download :


Millumin Clock

Dnny from Millumin forum created a nice application to display a countdown.
 More info on Millumin form here.

VDMX Freebies

People behind VDMX software also offers nice applications, such as AVF Batch Converter or Black Syphon.
 More info on VDMX website :

Open Stage Control

Open Stage Control is a libre and modular OSC / MIDI controller, that can be used as a standalone application as well as on a mobile device's browser.
 Mehdi from Trafikandars kindly provided a template here.