Millumin is able to execute AppleScript script program to automate task on the computer.

Create a Script

A script source can be create from the + button of the library:

Then, the script source can be find in the Programs group of the library:

Edit a Script

The script can be edited from the properties-view in the Current Media tab:

  • name: the script’s name.
  • running: green if the script is currently running, red if not.
  • scrip editor: where to write the script.
  • template: generate default script that can then been edited in the scrip editor above.
  • Run an application: ask to launch an application by its name.
  • Quit an application: ask to quit an application by its name.
  • Open a document: ask an application to open a document.
  • Show an application: ask to put an application in the desktop’s front.
  • Hide an application: ask to hide an application.
  • Run an application in the background: ask to launch an application in the background.
  • Execute application’s menu-item: ask to execute one of the item of the application’s menu-bar.
  • Execute application’s keystroke: send a keyboard event to an application.
  • Execute a shell script: default script.
  • Test button: execute the script.

Keep in mind that these properties are all shared by all the media scripts create from the same source.