Beta Version


A beta version is for tests purpose. Do not use it in production environment unless you have correctly tested it with your project. Otherwise, please use the official version (you can get it from Millumin's website or from your account page).
 To automatically receive the beta versions, run Millumin and activate the proper option in Preferences/Update :

Timeline parameters

Such parameters can be accessed and controlled from boards or other timelines. Thus, this can be very great to create template and make infinite variation, for captions for example.
 Choose a property of a layer, a media or an effect in the properties-view, then click on its label to make it a timeline parameter.

Independent media-layer

This special layer does not follow the columns in the dashboard. This may be very handy to manage content that is independent, such as cameras or background movies.
 Other than that, this kind of layer behaves exactly the same as classic media-layer (you can add a media-transition for example). Add such a layer from the + button located on the bottom-left corner.

Add/remove warping points

Double-click in the workspace or in the slice-editor to add a point in the warping-grid.

Streaming on Youtube and more

With support of RTMP protocol, you can now output to a steaming platform directly, such as Youtube or Twitch.

Check the Output popup to create presets.

Laser improvements

ILD files are now supported, so you could import and reuse laser drawings and animations in a snap.

Also, you can easily produce beautiful animations, by using the selection/phase parameters for your laser-media.

Groups for interactions

If you find yourself with a lot of interactions, you can now group them together and turn them off in a snap.
 But more interestingly, you can limit the scope of these interactions, so that they do not apply to your entire project.

Soft-edge for video-routing

It is now possible to add soft-edge, so it makes video-routing even more useful !

Blackmagic keying

Some Blackmagic devices feature a keyer to preverse alpha in some situation, and you can now use it directly in Millumin.

Graphic interface for movie selection

For more comfort, the start and end-point of a movie is now editable inside a custom popup that both shows the frames and the waveform.

GigE camera support

This protocol is popular among industrial/network cameras, allowing a low latency.

NDI setup

When there are dozens of NDI streams on the same network, you may want to see only the useful ones in Millumin’s library. Open the NDI Setup panel from the Window menubar to filter your NDI sources.

New OSC messages

The messages to pause/play the whole dashboard/timeline are now the same :

  • /action/pause
  • /action/play
  • /action/playOrPause

And a new OSC message allows to navigate both in the dashboard and in the timeline :

  • /action/goToTime 10 (all media go to 10 seconds)
  • /action/goToTime -10 (all media go 10 seconds before the end)


  • universal After Effects plugin (Intel/M1/M2)
  • delay for video outputs
  • animated properties are shown in orange
  • import/export SVG files in slice-editor
  • keep-hot and framerate options for browser-media
  • saving MIDI sources/destinations settings
  • zigzag assignation for DMX-layers
  • animate scaleY property for layers
  • edit color-card directly from properties-view
  • ignore save warning (useful when running Millumin automatically)

And more to come …

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