How to buy a license ?

You can purchase a license directly on Millumin's website here : a weekly, monthly, yearly or lifetime license.
 More info in this article : License

What if I lost my license ?

You can retrieve it via email : simply connect to your account page, then enter your email address. More info in this article : License
 If the problem persists, please contact us via email.

How to use my license ?

Short answer : use your license key in Millumin’s Preferences / Activation.
 More info in this article : License

What's the best computer to run Millumin ?

Short answer : the graphic card is the most important part to consider when buying a new computer.
 More info in this article : Recommendations .

What is the best codec ?

Short answer : HAP and ProRes.
 More info in this article : Recommendations .

What is the framerate displayed ?

The framerate (FPS) measures how many frames are rendered by Millumin per seconds. Usually 50fps or 60fps.

The framerate is managed by macOS. Indeed, it connects the hardware and synchronizes your monitors all together : if they are at 50hz, the final framerate will be 50fps. If they are at 60hz, the final framerate will be 60fps. And Millumin is synchronized to this final framerate.
 If your graphic card cannot render fast enough, the framerate may drop : check this by selecting Display FPS from Output menubar. If the framerate is not stable, click on the Optimize button.

If you run movies at 24fps, 25fps or 30fps, no problem : Millumin will render all the frames.
 However, if you run a movie at 50fps, it is better if your monitor works at the same refresh rate : 50hz. So movie frames are synchronous to framerate (and all movie frames are rendered).

What are Addons ?

Millumin comes with some addons, that extend its capabilities : plugin for After Effects, Cinema 4D, Unity, support of gamepads, Kinect 2, …
 More info in this article : Addons

How to fix a problem with Dante Virtual Soundcard ?

For an unknown reason, Dante Virtual Soundcard on macOS may create a conflict with applications using advanced audio rendering techniques.

This problem can be fixed via the following operation (from our understanding, it resets DVS configuration the correct way) :

  • launch the Apple application Audio MIDI Setup
  • create an aggregate device that includes Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • select this aggregate device in System Preferences / Sound / Input
  • then select Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • remove the aggregate device
  • restart Millumin if needed

See the video above :

What's new in Millumin ?

Check the Change Log to learn more about new features.
 You can also test features before the crowd in the Beta Version (if any at the moment).

Where can I post my feature requests ?

Please post your ideas on Uservoice. It helps us to keep track of user requests.
 It also helps us to see popularity of such ideas.

Does it support macOS Monterey or Ventura ?

Short answer, yes.
 More info in this article : Recommendations

Is there a Windows or Linux version ?

No, sorry. For now, we are focused on the Mac version.

A Windows version is a very huge project. Currently, this is not a priority and we cannot guarantee it. However, you can vote for this idea. No Linux version is planned.

However, you may be interested in MilluNode : a cross-platform companion to extend your Millumin on one or more computers, so that Millumin can take control and share the workload. It can also play Millumin projects autonomously.

Why my computer is getting hot ?

When the heat cannot be dissipated correctly, your computer will slow down in order to preserve electronics. In this case, you might see a message in the workspace of Millumin (”your computer is slowing down because the heat cannot be dissapated”).
 Install the Hot application to learn more about this behavior.

If you are in this case, you probably need to open your computer and clean the fans. Indeed, over the years, they can accumulate a lot of dust can and be obstructed.
 If the problem persists, run Apple Diagnostics to look for a hardware issue, or you can also bring your computer to some local repair shop, so they can check it (for example, some thermal paste might be missing on your CPU).

How to capture a video from another computer or a camera ?

Short answer : you need a capture card.
 More info in this article : Capture

Which device can be used to send DMX ?

Short answer : use an USB DMX device or Artnet network protocol.
 More info in this article : Devices

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