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What's new in Millumin V3 ?

You can download Millumin V3 here, as well as find more info about the pricing or have a summary of the new features.

Timecode support

Millumin both supports MTC and LTC timecodes to synchronize movies or timelines.

You can configure one (or more) from the Device-panel (CMD+K) :

Then, you can use the option "timecode" in movie's properties, to drive it with the timecode. For timelines, it is the same (see "setup" button in timeline-mode).
Please read this tutorial to learn more.

Lastly, you can use timecode as interaction : simply open the interaction panel (CMD+M) and create a "timecode" interaction with the "+" button.

Advanced Light Fixtures

Millumin now supports Open-Fixture-Library format, so you can import and create custom fixtures for your lights.
Of course, you can animate any property of the fixture right inside a timeline or dashboard.
We also redesigned the light-plot, so you could exclude lights : for example, this is very handy, when you want to create a chase for a few specific lights.

Brand New Monitor

We unified the monitor.
Now you have a single panel to use masters (for video, audio and DMX), patch lights, watch DMX or read various logs.

Also, we are introducing the "cues" : it allows you to recall a specific time in the dashboard or the timeline. Quite pratical for rehearsals.

3D Structure

Millumin can use a 3D mesh (OBJ or DAE file) to ease the videomapping, and allows effects such as anamorphosis. More info on this tutorial.
NOTE : this features may evolve somehow in the future, based on the user's feedback. We are hearing you to improve this feature !

Cinema 4D, Unity & Photoshop plugins

The 2 first plugins are meant to be used with the structures (see above), but you can also simply get the frames from Cinema 4D or Unity. See this tutorial.
For Photoshop, see this tutorial.

Advanced Audio Routing

This option is also located in movie's properties.
It allows you to mix, and manage how every audio-channel of your movie is sent to the audio-output.
Do not hesitate to use audio-layout to create shared configurations between your media.

Curves in Timelines

You can now see how keyframes affects your animation in timelines. We also added rectangle-selection, so it becomes even easier to select part of your timeline.

Live Preview Grid

Sometimes it is nice to see the future. This is exactly what the preview-grid is designed for : monitor what's next in your show.

To display it, click "Preview Grid" from "Window" menubar. Then, you can add as many slot as needed, organize them, resize them. A slot can preview almost anything : the next column, a specific layer, a camera, ...
You can even click a slot to start a column or a media.

Info in Library

We added a new panel to preview any media from your library. Click the "i" button in library to display it.
This panel provide advanced information about your media as well. Such the resolution, the duration, the codecs, how many times it is used in your project, ...
We also added a zoom, so thumbnail appears bigger and with basic information.

NDI® V3 Support

Since its early stages, we have been supporting this protocol to send video-over-ip.
This third version brings important improvements in quality, and introduces a new format, especially designed for low connection such as Wifi : NDI® HX.
We also worked a lot on NDI performances, so there is a huge gain with 4K output for example.
Note that for the moment, NDI® HX is a protocol dedicated to NewTek Connect Spark.

Render Audio when Exporting Timelines

Mixing audio is not a simple addition of signals, but requires special algorithms. And now, when you export a timeline, Millumin also export the audio. This have been an awaited features, and it is now out.

AJA Output Devices

Just as for the Blackmagic devices, you can now use AJA devices to output. For example with an AJA TTap or an AJA IoXT.

Blob Tracking

This principle is simple but quite efficient : it takes an image (often from a camera), and detects "blobs" that you can track.
This tracker works as a video effect, so you will find it "Effects" tab (in properties-panel on the right of Millumin's interface).
Please read this tutorial for learn how to use it.

Interaction Feedback

This is a new option for interaction : when checked, the interaction will send back a signal (MIDI, OSC, Artnet, ...) if the interaction's target is updated (property changed, column was launched, ...).
This is very useful for interfaces that can deal with feedback, such as Ableton Live, some MIDI controllers, TouchOSC or a lighting desk (via Artnet).

MIDI Show Control support

You can both receive and send MSC. See the data-track and the device-panel to learn more.

OSC-Query Server

This is a new protocol supported by Millumin, that helps to discover OSC messages between applications. More info on this page.
For example, Millumin can now easilly work with Vezer, since the user can quickly grab the available OSC messages.

UDP strings as OSC

You can now send UDP strings to Millumin, and this will be interpreated as OSC.
For example, send the string /go 123.45 to port 5000 (this is the usual port to receive OSC), and Millumin will detect /go as the OSC address and 123.45 as the OSC parameter.

Movie Playback Optimizations

Behind the scenes, the movie player of Millumin have been reworked a lot.
We especially worked on synchronizing movie playback, as well as optimizing playback for movies at 50 or 60 FPS.

iOS Screen Capture

If you connect your iPhone or iPad on your computer via an USB cable, you will see this device in Millumin's library (folder "Inputs"). So you can now capture its screen. Note : you need iOS 11 minimum.

Final Toughts

Thank you for sending us your feedback.
Remind that you can use the "Contact" button, on top-right corner of Millumin :

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