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What's new in Millumin beta ?

A beta version is for tests purpose, do not use it in production environment unless you have correctly tested it with your project. Otherwise, please use the official version (you can get it from Millumin's website or from your account page).
Lastly, to get the beta, be sure to activate the proper option in Millumin/Preferences/Update.

Of course, please let us know your feedback.
Remind that you can use the "Contact" button, on top-right corner of Millumin :

Particles Media

Smoke, text, drawing, rain, vortex, ... All with particles. And you can animate them with the tip of your mouse. Just try it out.

Light States

By the past, it was hard to manage a lot of lights, because it was so many lines in Millumin's interface. Now, there is only a single line to store the state of the lights, for every column of the dashboard. And you just need to click on "save current state" button to save such a whole light-state.

Light Grid-view & Command-line

For more advanced usages, the lights (and its multiple properties when needed) can be displayed as a grid. But more importantly, a command-line allows you to quickly work with it.

Transition Control

Now that you have a different transition timing for column and lights, it makes sense to manually control how transition evolves. Indeed, you can take control on a transition with MIDI fader for example, then finish it at the right pace if needed.

Audio Waveforms

Millumin is now showing the waveforms for the audio contained in your movie or sound files.
It is quite practical in the timeline to place keyframes accordingly. Waveforms are also displayed in dashboard's time-panel.

Artnet Unicast

This feature is quite advanced, but very useful if you have a lot of Artnet universes. It allows you to send universes to a specific machine/IP, so you can work easily with numerous nodes, as well as saving network bandwidth.

MacPro's Afterburner support

Afterburner is a special module for the new MacPro, that focus on decoding ProRes and ProRes RAW codecs (so CPU does not need to do so).

Bluefish444 support

The manufacturer Bluefish444 is producing capture cards with low latency, that Millumin is now supporting. It has been tested on Thunderbolt 3 chassis, so it is suitable for a MacBookPro or a MacMini.

NDI V4 support

This brand new version of NDI was recently released and features great performance improvements.
Along with NDI V4, Newtek released a new application for iOS, that is far more better than previous one (making possible to use your iPhone to transfert a 1080p feed via NDI).

Replace Inputs in Library

If you switch to another capture card or a new camera, you may have to relink your media in your project. But now, you can quickly do this : simply by right-clicking on the item in the library (Blackmagic input, camera, NDI, Syphon, ...), and Millumin will propose you to replace all the media matching in your project.

Command-line to activate/deactivate Millumin

This is a convenience for admins that need to manage several machines at once.
Use the following command in a terminal :

sudo -activate=MYP-ROD-UCT-KEY -deactivate


- YUV-format for Blackmagic output (to use less bandwidth)
- faster screen capture
- faster animation of movie’s speed


- OSC message to import files in dashboard
- Wacom tablet support for brush-tool
- shortcuts to edit previous/next column (⌘ ←/→ while editing a column)
- in a timeline, maintain ALT to change movie's start-time (like in Final Cut)
- copy-paste keyframes from different tracks
- keep timings while moving multiple timeline-objects
- timecode for embed timelines in dashboard
- drag with the mouse in time-panel (to scroll in your movie)
- show folder of media in library-info
- using keywords to select a window for screen-capture
- sort option for slideshow
- project PDF export
- new LED fixture LRGB and WRGB
- new effect "Old Video"

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