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What's new in Millumin beta ?


A beta version is for tests purpose, do not use it in production environment unless you have correctly tested it with your project. Otherwise, please use the official version (you can get it from Millumin's website or from your account page).
To get the beta, be sure to activate the proper option in Millumin/Preferences/Update :

Of course, please let us know your feedback.
Remind that you can use the "Contact" button, on top-right corner of Millumin :

Laser support

ILDA lasers can draw any shape at any moment. It is very very bright, so it can be projected on flat, non-flat surfaces as well as on smoke to create volumes. Currently, EtherDream, Helios and LaserCube USB/Wifi DACs are supported.
More info in this tutorial.

10-bit Rendering

For displays that support 10-bit color-depth (1 billion colors), select this setting from Preferences. It can be quite useful to display nice gradients.

Audio Inputs

If you use webcam, your iPhone or a generic capture card with an audio input, you can now get the sound.
But this also works with audio-only inputs, such as microphones, as well !

Custom Fixtures for Pixel-mapping

Millumin already supported most common fixtures, especially for LED mapping. But now, it is possible to create your own ones, to control even more complex light configurations.

Better Video-routing

Listening to your feedback, we improved the video-routing feature. Especially to edit with numbers, slice-editor included. The origin always on the bottom-left corner, and snapping has been refined. Lastly, SVG import/export have been added.

Link a canvas with a PJLink device

PJLink is a protocol allowing you to control a videoprojector (power on/off, shutter open/close, ...). Now you can make a canvas open/close the shutter automatically.

Goto -10/-20/-30 Cues

You can access such cues from the time-panel (on the right of the dashboard), and you can now use negative values to go 10, 20, ... seconds before the end of the column.

Show Loop-mode in Dashboard

When zoomed enough in the dashboard, an icon representing the loop-mode of your media will appear. This is handy to check your show in a snap.

HAP R & NotchLC codec

There is 5 official flavours for the HAP codec (HAP, HAP Alpha, HAP Q, HAP Q Alpha, HAP Alpha-only).
Millumin supports all of them. But a new one is coming, and despite non official for the moment, Millumin is now supporting HAP R : this new flavour brings even better quality at the same bitrate of the HAP Q. You can use Jokyo Encoder to produce such HAP R files.
Also, Millumin now supports NotchLC codec, that is able to encode in high-quality and in 10-bit (for better rendering especially with gradients). As for the HAP, the decoding is mainly processed by the GPU (which is quite efficient).


- improved performances with Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro
- prevent macOS from mirroring displays (see Preferences)
- control masters via OSC API
- update to NDI v.5.5.1
- various ergonomic improvements

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