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What's new in Millumin beta ?


A beta version is for tests purpose, do not use it in production environment unless you have correctly tested it with your project. Otherwise, please use the official version (you can get it from Millumin's website or from your account page).
To get the beta, be sure to activate the proper option in Millumin/Preferences/Update :

Of course, please let us know your feedback.
Remind that you can use the "Contact" button, on top-right corner of Millumin :


MilluNode is a Windows companion to extend your Millumin. Indeed, run MilluNode on one or more computers, so that Millumin can take control and share the workload.
Check out this page for more info.

Metal Millumin

During last years, a new generation of GPU libraries & technologies emerged. Indeed, OpenGL is being replaced by Vulkan.
Microsoft is doing the same with DirectX 12. And Apple with Metal.

In brief : for Macintosh machine, Metal is the successor of OpenGL (that made running macOS applications for almost 20 years !).
And Millumin for Metal now in beta !

On our side, going to Metal will allow us to follow new features and improvements from Apple in a more easy way.

Is your machine compatible ? Most computers shipped since 2012 are, more info on this post.
And if your machine is not compatible, Millumin will automatically fall back to OpenGL drivers.
To know if Millumin is running with Metal, open the Monitor from "Window" menubar, then go to "System" tab.

Please send us your feedback, this is an important transition.
And special thanx to Yair, Emmanuel and Rick for your help !

Apple Silicon

Apple is now using its own processors, the first one being called Apple M1. By 2023, Intel processors will not be used any more.
This beta is optimized for both Intel and Apple Silicon, so you can get the most out of any Mac you own.

However, the LeapMotion and the Kinect are not supported natively on Apple Silicon platform. If you need to use such devices, run Millumin with Rosetta (select, press CMD+I then check the option "Open using Rosetta").

Skeleton Tracker (Apple Silicon only)

Although the Kinect is not supported on Apple Silicon computers, such machines can use this brand new feature to detect a skeleton in any image, movie, camera or footwork footage. So it is even more practical and flexible than a Kinect !

Workspace improvements

The tools have been refined for better ergonomics.
The snapping is also now better and have visual feedback.

Laslty, you can now pinch to zoom in the workspace, as well as scrolling in both directions.


Support for NDI V5

This standard allows computers as well as specialized hardware to send and receive video over a network.
This brand new version improves performances.

Send audio via NDI

Millumin can now mix the audio produced by a canvas, so it can be embed in your NDI stream (along with your video of course).

A vumeter is displayed in the workspace, so you can monitor what is going out :

PTZ control for NDI camera

If your camera can rotate or adjust its zoom, you can now do it via Millumin. There are also presets to quickly recall a point of view.

A good example of such cameras are the PTZOptics NDI serie :

Convert to HAP in one click

Optimizing your project with the right codec has never been easier : just click the "Optimize" button and start the process.

Particles Media

Smoke, text, drawing, rain, vortex, ... All with particles. And you can animate them with the tip of your mouse. Just try it out.

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